Denise Davis, LCSW-Psychotherapist

Sunbright Counseling

Why did you become a Therapist?

 I've been asked this question too many times to count. My answer is always, "My Dad died when I was ten so I wanted to help kids who are going through things."


The answer is actually much deeper. As a child my Dad was my everything. I am the girl version of him. My Dad had a heart of gold and he was loved by everyone but he was troubled by his childhood. He grew up in the hills of Tennessee with where he had an outhouse and no running water. My grandfather was a moonshiner and very abusive to put it mildly. My Dad and Granny called it Hell on Earth.  This was Sunbright Tennessee.  

I have named my practice Sunbright Counseling because I want to turn the name of the place that caused so much pain for my Dad into a place of healing. I work to transform the pain of clients into strength and courage. 

I do this for him. I hope he is proud.